Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hello Nineteen!

Yesterday I went to Disneyland in the morning with my dear friend Gabby to get my pass. We stayed for a few hours and were actually able to get on quite a few rides. It was really fun but extremely humid/hot.

Birthday Hat!

Then later that day a few of my closest friends came over for a little dinner.



My dad is good at sneaking into pictures.

Yummy Cake. I had a great little birtday dinner.

This is my 100th post. Geez. That is alot.
Well now I need to upload some more pictures online.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye Eighteen

So this is me at 18. It's weird to think that years from now I will look at these pictures and say, "Wow I look so young." I mean I do that now about pictures that were taken five years ago.

It's kinda crazy knowing that I never can go back.
A little depressing?
But I am content.
I wouldn't want to change a thing about last year.

I still can't believe it is over. Lots of changes this year. I graduated high school and had to make big decisions that will really impact my life. Like deciding what college to go.

It was also a year of new love with my little Mimi.
So many things happened this year for me. I could blog for days and days if I had the time.
Being eighteen was such a blessing. Just knowing God gave me another healthy year of life full of love and happiness makes me so grateful. He is so amazing and gracious. I just love him and need him. Well my eyes are so heavy. I am going to go to sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up nineteen.


It feels so good to be back although I did have so much fun at Camp Joy. I left monday and got back yesterday. I have so many great pictures and stories to tell.

O and I can't believe it tomorrow I turn 19. Where does the time go? As I get older I find myself saying that often. Your perception of time changes so much. Well I will post more later.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Chihuahua

Sometimes my little Mimi drives me nuts. This is what I came home to last week. I had just bought a book from Amazon and unfortunately Mimi got to it before I had did. At least she didn't chew the book.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Sister

Okay so she is not a baby anymore but she is the baby of the family.

Her Birthday was actually on Friday but she was up at camp so we weren't able to celebrate it with her til yesterday. We went to Lucille's. It was my first time there and I really like it. The food was delicious.
I can't believe she is seventeen know. Ahhh that means I turn nineteen in like 13 days. Geez the 29Th is less then two weeks aways.

I am so glad that I have so many pictures of the three of us. I treasure them now and know I will appreciate them even more when I am older.
Well thats all for today.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Fun



The whole gang

Peach Cobbler time. My cousin Jackie helped me peel the peaches and Bryan helped with the topping.

Yum <3

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I, myself, don't longboard because it always results in me falling down but I don't mind watching or taking pictures of my friends.



The Boys.


About to fall. I never learn.

Rock with You

I really like these pictures even though they are dark.

All Smiles


Silly Parents.

I just love them.

More Mono

We got to go visit Mono lake twice this year.



Bryan looks so young here.



June Lake.

Let me just say I love California. It is beautiful.

Alyse looking cute.

Soaking up the sun.

They all got into the freezing cold water. But only lasted for about fifteen minutes.


Bryan with BLUE skies.

Mono Lake

The Family

The Not Family?

Everyone! :)

Just me.

Good times in Mono.

Mono Cones!

This year I got to have Mono Cones twice. What a treat. Once with the my friends and then with my Mom and Dad.





I didn't get a picture of Alyse there. :[ But I have lots of other pictures of her.

More of everyBODIE

Here are some more pictures from our day in Bodie.

Checking out the place.

Embracing in Bodie.

I love the wind.

Pretty Colors.

Bryan pretending to drive.
Bathing Bryan...