Thursday, September 24, 2009


Highlight of the day = Seeing good ol' Pat Benatar sing "We Belong" live.

Okay let me start from the beginning. Today was my first day of college. Woohoo. Thank God I was given classes that don't seem too overwhelming. I actually enjoyed my first day. The only problem is all the walking in this heat. I think the walk will be really beautiful and nice when it starts to cool down this fall. There are lots of pretty trees. My first class is on the fifth floor of the pointy building that you can see on the ten freeway. So that means I have to go up five flights of stairs and boy was it hot. You may be thinking why not use the elevator in this heat. But the line is ridiculous besides I feel bad taking up the space for the people with disabilities who use them. There were quite a few people in wheel chairs or scooters in line and I don't want to stand if front of them. Anyway after that I quickly run down the stairs and rush over to my next class which is up three flights of stairs but at least this stair case is in doors. Then I get to eat lunch. Today I made a Delicious turkey sandwich with avocado and tomato in it. After that I go up to my final class, Intro to Hospitality Restaurant Management 101, on the hill. And when I say hill I mean HILL. Okay maybe I am exaggerating a tad. But really it was hot today and I got blisters on my feet from walking up that thing.
So i took a picture from on top of the hill before I walked to my car. I was trying to get to the parking structure behind the pointy building. It doesn't look that far in the photo but it really was. I mean going up and down the hill is time consuming on its on but then going all the way across the campus while holding books and stuff is crazy. Let me just say I was so sweaty and gross. Good thing I didn't see anyone I knew haha.
Wow I did not right a good sized paragraph about it being hard to get around. Yikes Man I need to stop complaining. Because over all School was wonderful. :] It really was. And yay four day weekend. Every weekend. All is well!!

Anyway enough about school stuff. Later today I went to the fair with my friends Alyse, Katie, and Cassie. I had a really fun time. Thats where Patricica Benatar comes in. Earlier today while I was on the fair website I noticed that Pat B. would be there but I did not think we would be able to see her. I thought you had to by tickets. Fortunately I was wrong. Yep yep. It was a unexpected suprise. Who knew I would ever get to see her in concert. Fun Day!!!

Well Night


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mixed Feelings

School stars tomorrow. I am a little excited but really sad that I will have to start doing homework, essays,and all the other stuff. How pathetic am I? At least I get to further my education. Right? I was telling my mom if I was 19 years old in the forties or fifties I know that I would not go to college. I would rather stay home and be a happy little home maker. haha. I think most girls would think that is crazy now and days but that is just me. Any way I don't live back then and a college education is practically a must to be successful these days. So here I come Cal Poly Pomona. I am just praying I enjoy and excel in all my classes and am taught by wise and honest professors who know what they are talking about.

I will blog about my first day tomorrow.
<3 Esther

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baking Disaster.

Goodness gracious. Today I thought I would bake an easy cake. I had some boxes of cake mix and was a little bored so I decided to use them. Everything seemed to be going perfect. I used my nine inch round silicone bake ware. Supposedly no Crisco/oil is required to spray/put in it before pouring in the batter. Not true... It didn't work what so ever. The cakes came out in pieces. It was super frustrating because before the cakes came out of the oven I had made a ton of yummy butter cream frosting to frost the cake with. Grrr... So now I have a bunch of ugly pieces of a yummy cake. I was planning on having some fun by decorating the cake. I love doing that. Well I learned my lesson always use Crisco or oil on my baking pans.

Yucky! This is how it looked.

I love making swirls in the frosting. Perfect texture. Now I need to think of what to do with it.

O and then Mimi started eating the frosting from the dishwasher. Gross!!

But she has been doing this since she was tiny notice how much smaller her legs are in this picture taken about six months ago.

Maybe I should stick to more cupcakes. haha

On a more positive note. I had fun sewing today. O and yesterday I really enjoyed watching my friends babies. I took her to the doctor and to school and watched her adorable six week old and one year old. I adore babysitting newborns. I just love them. That is my favorite baby age. So precious. It makes me want to be a mama. I tell my mom that and she gets so mad. haha. "I am like I am not going to go and try to have one, I do have morals mother." She is too funny. She just looks at me and sighs. hehe.

Well it's still early but I am tired. Night!

College starts Thursday.

<3 Esther

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So right now money is tight for me. I am not working five days a week like I did this summer. I only work for less then two hours on Fridays as a Sonrise Daycare counselor eek. This is because I couldn't commit to working more days during the year. As of right now I have lots of time. I only have school on Tuesday and Thursday. But who knows next quarter I could be going to school everyday of the week which means I wouldn't be able to do daycare.

With gas going up it is extremely hard to survive on not even forty dollar pay checks every 2 weeks. I mean I spend about ninety dollars on gas a month. Thank God I have people who ask me to babysit. Right now I need all the babysitting jobs I can get. If you know anyone who needs a sitter let me know :]. My dream job as a college student is to be a nanny. I would absolutely love to do it.

So yesterday I was thinking about how I don't really have money in my budget to give my World Vision kid, Emerita, in El Salvador. I got here before she was even one and she will be four next month. I mean it is only thirty dollars. But right now that is a lot to me. I still have to buy my dog food (my mom is saying she will help me out) and gas. That means no more money for clothes and eating out (frozen yogurt/ ice cream my weekness) or other fun stuff.

Any way I have always been a firm believer in tithing my money. Whenever I give to the Lord he gives me so much more back. So I decided that even though I barely have the money I am going to send it. I wrote check out yesterday and today I get a call from the best friend asking me if I want to go to her sweet cousin-in-laws gold party. It's where you can bring in your old gold jewelry or scraps and they will cut you a check for what it was worth. Well I went with a couple of very small broken bracelets and some little girls earings that weren't very cute. These things just sat I'm my moms closet for years. No one was going to ever where them again. I thought that some of them might not even be gold and expected to get around twenty five dollars. But my God is good and it was worth seventy dollars which in turn gives me back the money for Emerita and then some to cover my other needs. Woohoo.

Like I said before now I need to find more baby sitting jobs. O and I was thinking of making more Lovely Lemondrops items with all the time I have. I have been in the creative mood these past few days. Yay.




Monday, September 14, 2009

Stay Little

When I was a little girl I remember people saying "Can you stay this little forever?" Or "I don't want you to ever grow up." I really never understood the phrase until I got a lot older. But know I even find myself saying those phrases.

I was looking at the thousands of pictures I have and came across these. D.J and I took a ton expressing different emotions. He is really good at it. haha.
See for yourself.


O so now he wants a kiss.


Really angry.

Still mad...

Wow he is really good at this. haha

Trying to be scary.

Awe happiness.

Seriously does he have to grow up?


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jumping Time

I couldn't help but take pictures of my little cousins jumping up and down today. I went to my Uncle and Aunts house for a nice little bbq this afternoon. I just love my boys to pieces.

Ready set....


Evan showing off his wild locks.

Sometimes there timing wasn't so great. haha


O here is a picture of the dress I made a couple of days ago. It is super comfy. I hope I get time to sew tomorrow. It is absolutely one of my favorite things to do.
Well that's all.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

It was a good day...

Heads up this picture was taken about a year ago at Imperial Courts.

I squeezed quite a bit into my day.

I woke up early and went to the Dreamcenter in Echo Park with Gaby. But first we got Jamba Juice yum. Then when we got to the Dreamcenter we jumped on the bus and went to SRO hotels in the skid row area to bring food, prayer, and to just love on the people there. It was really great. It was my first time at that particular site. Gaby and I usually go to the government housing in South Central/Watts area. We love it there. There are so many kids and a nice gym to hang out in. We have gotten to know quite a few people at the site (we have been going there almost every Saturday since August 08)

Well anyways after Gaby, our friend Diane, and I drove around LA looking for somewhere to eat. There are so many good eateries over there and we were being so indecisive. We finally decided on Pizza and had Pinkberry for dessert. It was absolutely delicious.

Then Gaby and I came back to the suburbs.

I watched t.v. for a bit and then I was off to babysitting a sweet little girl. We had lots of fun together. We played outside, watched Dora, and read lots of books. But know I am super tired. I should hit the hay. I have church in the morning. God is so good. :)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The picture has nothing to do with the post but my blog entry looks so naked without one. So here is a picture I took with my phone of David and David. So cute.

Well I feel so productive lately. It is so nice having the house to myself. David and Coryn have school and my mom and dad are working during the day. I love it. I have so much time to do anything I please. I have been cleaning quite a bit(which I usually hate to do but now I actually enjoy it. Crazy right?) It is so peaceful at home. I did all the following between today and yesterday- sewed, exercised, bathed Mimi, did laundry, went to downtown Whittier and Glendora and walked around, thrift shopped, babysat, learned to cook my Abuelita's enchiladas, made dinner (Enchiladas, Guacamole and beans- I cheated with them they were from a can...), watched an old movie. Hmmm... what will I do tomorrow. I think I will give my room a good cleaning. It needs one. Although I have tidied up the rest of the house I haven't tackled my room.

Well I have til the 24Th to enjoy my time alone at home. Then school starts. But even then I only have classes Tuesday and Thursday. I am looking forward to a year of change. Good change. :) I am most definetly going to take advantage of my time and do as much as I can with it.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gabe turns 8!

This little guy isn't so little anymore.

Here he is at two. But we just celebrated his eighth birthday on Saturday

Isn't he just the sweetest thing.

And he still is such a sweetheart. Yummy caketime.

There is nothing like frosted noses...

and bright red tongues. I love these boys!!!

The boys had a lot of fun playing in the water.

Great way to cool off from the August heat.

David and D.J. drying off.

love his little hands.

Aww my mama and Davey.
Fun Day. Great party.