Wednesday, November 30, 2011

just one more month

that's it.
really 2011 is nearly over?
I can't take it anymore.
Time is slipping through my fingers.
I have one more month in twenty eleven and then it will be gone forever.

Oh Father I pray that I can embrace life to the absolute fullest. I want to enjoy each day and stopping being so busy that I am always thinking about tomorrow. I feel like my mind is never on now. It's always ahead planning things for school, church, and work. Im learning I really don't like living like that. So please help me to slow down and truly embrace every second of the day. I never want the end of a year to sneak up on me again like that. It's pretty scary. So won't you calm my mind and slow down time.

I love you sweet King

Monday, November 28, 2011


My new favorite app. I love getting to arrange my photos. Happy Monday.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

true story

I am pretty sure I'm a 70 year old inside a 21 year old body.

I act like one.
think like one.
talk like one.
we have the same hobbies.
we enjoy the same movies and music

People have been telling me im an "old soul" for as long as I can remember. The older I get the more I start to believe them. I really don't think the same way people my age do. Clearly I am different. I just don't desire the same things as most. The morals I have sound nuts completely to so many young folk. But something tells me they didn't sound so crazy fifty years ago.

I had to post this because of Mimi. Hilarious. Seriously hilarious.

I never tried to be different but I also never tried to be like others. I've always been pretty comfortable being me. I truly thank God for that. I think so many people try to fit a certain role. Whether it be trying to be like everyone else or trying super hard to be different. Of course I have my fair share of struggles in life but thankfully they have not been about fitting in.

p.s. Im currently working on a colorful afghan for my bed. Can't wait to finsih it. Something tells me its going to take a long time...


Saturday, November 5, 2011

good day

yesterday day was a wonderful day.

I had lunch with Jessica and Rynie
Started my new job!!!!
Made some delicious peppermint marshmallows.
and crocheted in the evening.

It was all together lovely.
peppermint marshmallows
I definitely want to make some more. Can't wait to play around with different flavors.
homemade marshmallows

Happy Saturday!!