Wednesday, December 21, 2011


im still here.
So I made a list with things that I need to do before my break is over.
it has a decent amount of tasks that need to be done.
Some easy and small and others difficult and time consuming.
They range from things like deep cleaning the inside of my car to redecorating my room.
I shall post my little list soon.
One thing I put on my list was to post on the blog everyday in January.
we'll see how that goes...

I'm suppose to have jury duty this week. I have been excused for the past three days. Praying they don't call me in the next few days. They said that if they do It's probable that I would have to serve on the jury the next week.
who wants to serve on jury duty during there Christmas break?
but then again who wants to serve on jury duty PERIOD.
I guess it would be different if I was paid to be there but I wouldn't be. In fact I really can't afford to miss work. Life is just too darn expensive and I need my paycheck.

Okay okay enough complaining. I really live a truly blessed life and have no reason to complain.

Night loved ones.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

christmas boutique

i need sleep. sweet sleep.
I am so ready for Christmas break.
I can barely contain myself.
I already decided it is going to be lovely.
simply lovely.
today I did a little christmas boutique.
I did alright.
I would love to do one someplace where there are tons of people who have an understanding of handmade.
Some people don't realize all the time and effort that goes into each one of my pieces.
Next Saturday im going to the Renegade Craft Fair. The people there understand handmade. It's such a fun place I can't wait to go.
I think it cost $400 for a booth. Eeeks.
Not ready to invest that much money into my little handmade business.

well I better get to bed.
another early morning ahead of me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello December

I'm not really ready for you but I welcome you with open arms.

Can't wait to celebrate Christmas! It will be so nice to finally have a much needed break.

Merry Christmas friends!