Monday, November 30, 2009


I find myself doing this often...

and I hate it. But I am learning to get over it. It needs to be done if I do want to graduate.
Unfortunately it leaves me with almost no time to post the thousands of cool pictures I have. boo... I still want to post the Thanksgiving, Oceanside, and other random ones I have.

On a completely different note I am loving this cold weather. Cold weather means cuddling. With blankets or Mimi of course. haha. O and yesterday the wind was fantastic. I just love windy days.
Well I know it is super early but I am calling it a day.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today I went to this lovely ladies wedding.

She looked so beautiful.

The sweet couple

Amber my good friend and one of the brides sister.

Justine the maid of honor

Then it was time to dance.

David and Alisha during the dollar dance.

Alisha Coryn and I.
I just love weddings and had the most wonderful time.I am so happy for Alisha and Joey and wish them the very best.
Now I am off to watch Little Woman with Coryn and Angelique.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Short but Sweet

Yesterday I left to Oceanside with these two. I had a wonderful time.

We came back around six today.

A little bit after the beautiful sunset. Well I took a ton of pictures so I will blog about them tomorrow. As for now I am off to bed. I know it's only nine but I have school in the morning and I am a sleepy head.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Lord

I just loved the beautiful pink sunset you made last Thursday. Could you please send some more? They make me happy. I love you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Party

Yesterday was a busy day. It started with going to the dreamcenter/Jordan Downs with Gaby and Cassie. After that we went to get yummy pizza on Larchmont street.

Gaby and Cassie

Then I had to get Pinkberry since it was right next to us. That place is so good. O and they had their Christmas cups. I am just so excited for the upcoming holidays!!

After that I went to my sweet Auntie Rosie's party to celebrate her birthday. I took some pictures of the boys playing and it made me think of the adorable pictures Coryn took of them two years ago. They look so much younger. I just love my boys.

Evan and D.J.

I just love them. They are just precious here.

I took a quick fall picture with D.J. I love all the pretty leaves.

My Aunt had her Christmas tree out so my cousins and I had so much fun taking pictures in front of it

Lorisa and Jessica

My dad even joined in for one <3

We had to drag in Becca to take pictures with us because she was being lame ;)haha

I don't know who took this but I got so excited when I saw it because my hair looks like it is really growing and getting long. Yay!! Finally... I have been waiting.

Jumping is amazing.

Then my Uncle Hector made me dance with him to a song I never heard nor understood. haha.

O and here is a picture of cute little Davey. Love this boy and his half toothless grin!
Yesterday was great. Busy but extremely fun. Had a great time in LA and and wonderful time at the party. Now I am off to sleep.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so tired of school already. I know I have barely started a little over a month ago but it seems like way longer. I didn't even actually have school today but it felt like it. I did homework nonstop from seven in the morning til five. That is just too much for me. And it just doesn't end this weekend I have six math lessons, another essay and a project. Grrr... Ever one keeps telling me. "Well that's how school is..." Maybe school is not for me. How many times have those thoughts ran through my head. Way too many. But I am really trying hard to stick it out.

On a happier note after I finished all my work I sewed a bit. I just love love love sewing. All the pretty fabrics and just being able to make something from it makes me happy!

I made this little pencil case today. I just loved the fabrics and all the colors. I used this vintage zipper I had thrifted it was a bit tricky at first but then it came together.
That reminds me I need to make my weekly thrift store shop visit. I love finding all sorts of treasures there. Goodness I need to do a lot of things. Especially clean my room. It is so messy. I would be quite embarassed if anyone were to see it. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.
O and ugh today my parents went to downtown LA to look for fabric when I was doing my homework. I was so jealous. I wanted to go. Okay enough of this complaining. I am praying that tomorrow will be a good productive day.

My thoughts are everwhere in this blog. It is even confusing for me to follow haha.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


I miss being able tong out with my friends whenever I please.

School has gotten in the way. :(

But anyway today was a good day. I went to church in the morning and then to Paneras with the Tozier family and Coryn. Later today we went to Pastor Chad's installation sercvice. Woohoo. I just love him and his family and am so excited for what is happening at our church.

Now I am exhausted and ready to go to bed.

Eek I haven't started my homework yet... At least I don't have school tomorrow but I have lots to do.


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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet Saturdays

Today I went to the dream center with Gaby and Nico. We had alot of fun. We went to Jordan Downs and got to meet some really awesome families there. I can't wait to go back next week to talk to them some more. After that we went to eat chicken. Yum yum. Gaby and I like to go to this place off of the 101 on Alvarado St. They have Delicious chicken beans and rice. Then we went to Echo Park to eat the deliciousness.

Here I am eating the chicken. haha

Yum! So good.

It is such a beautiful park. After that we went to see my lovely grandparents. We had a good time talking to them and then they treated us all for ice cream. It was so good. The ice cream was from parlor that opened in 1919. Crazy Right?

Here is a picture of us at their house. Aren't they cute.

It was so good. I had blueberry ice cream. I want more...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stay with me

Memories...Please never leave me.
It is amazes me how quickly today becomes the past.
How the present slowly fades into distance memories that are often so hard to recall.
I thank the Lord that I have lovely memories full of joy and happiness.
I am so glad I wrote in a journal every single day for years.
Although my journals can be quite embarrassing they are so interesting and hilarious.
But they help me remind of things my mind has so easily forgotten. Things like how I loved taking gymnastics or how I would help watch the kids at the preschool when I was in fifth grade.
O and thank the Lord I have a camera to document all my little daily adventures. I have way too many pictures. But you know what you really can't have too many pictures.

Here is a picture of the family in Oregon minus David.
I remember the way there I read this silly book out loud to Coryn. It was called Prom Season. ha. When I was about half way through my parents stared asking questions about what was happening in it. haha. They wanted to know who the girl would choose to be her date for prom. The drive was about 14 hours or so. So I got through the entire novel. O that is a funny little memory. I remember the beautiful drive up to Oregon and listening to Damien Rice, The Cranberries, and The Beatles well driving through the giant Redwoods. It was so beautiful.O memories stay with me.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crazy Days

Started my day with my weekly trip to the dream center. But this week was a little different because Gaby and I weren't the only ones to go. Our friends Alyse and Kristy came too. They actually came with us last week too but I didn't get a chance to blog about that. Last week we went to the skid row hotels which is a really great site. But yesterday we went to Jordan Downs which is one of the sites in Watts. I love going to that site because it is so big and there is so much need. Unfortunately we did not have a lot of food to distribute like we usually do so I am praying we will next week.

Well after we that came home. Alyse and I decided we wanted to throw together some quick costumes. So we just made our Ancient Greek costumes out of bed sheets. I think they actually turned out pretty good for the little time we had to prepare them.

Alyse and I

My friend Declan and I.

Then we went to the Harvest Festival at my church. After that we headed over to the Calvillos house and then went to Sean and Joys. It was pretty crazy and exhausting but really fun. Unfortunately my body did not want to take advantage of the extra hour of sleep. I woke up at six. Now I am exhausted and its onlys seven. O life.

Picures of the Cousins <3 and the Calvillos dog at the end :)