Friday, August 28, 2009

Goodbye Eighteen

So this is me at 18. It's weird to think that years from now I will look at these pictures and say, "Wow I look so young." I mean I do that now about pictures that were taken five years ago.

It's kinda crazy knowing that I never can go back.
A little depressing?
But I am content.
I wouldn't want to change a thing about last year.

I still can't believe it is over. Lots of changes this year. I graduated high school and had to make big decisions that will really impact my life. Like deciding what college to go.

It was also a year of new love with my little Mimi.
So many things happened this year for me. I could blog for days and days if I had the time.
Being eighteen was such a blessing. Just knowing God gave me another healthy year of life full of love and happiness makes me so grateful. He is so amazing and gracious. I just love him and need him. Well my eyes are so heavy. I am going to go to sleep. Tomorrow I will wake up nineteen.

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