Monday, December 30, 2013


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I can hardly believe its already over. Unfortunately this year I got quite sick on Christmas Eve./Day. Iv'e spent the past week lounging and knitting. I didn't manage to take any pictures on Christmas but I did snap some photos of the decorations yesterday. Well Happy New Years dear friends. I hope to be back soon with some crafty things to share.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

baby doll

I wanted to share some photos of the baby doll I made for the sweet baby I nanny. It's hard to believe she turned one today. So glad I got to celebrate with her.DSC_0117mimiDSC_0124DSC_0130DSC_0131 This is the second doll I have made. The first one was gifted to my little Livie a few years ago. It's nice to know that these girls who I love dearly will have these little dolls to play with through the years.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Anxiety Shirt

About a month ago I mentioned in this post that I made little Mimi a anxiety shirt. Well she still absolutely hates it but I did manage to snap a few photos of her in it this morning.I think it looks so cute on her but I don't think we will get much use out of it. She just mopes around the house while wearing it. Oh well! At least I tried to find a solution for her anxiety. I'll just have to figure something else out.

Friday, December 6, 2013


A photo to remember a lovely day spent with my brother. If only he was in it... He made me breakfast and then we drove to Malibu to visit a friend. He's the best.

On another note.

My fingers have been quite busy creating lots of different knits. Unfortunately I haven't been taking many photos lately so I have nothing to share. I'll have to make a point of getting my recent makes together and properly photographing them. I use to be really good about it but ever since I started instagraming I just snap a quick shot and then forget about them. Hopefully I get around to it soon.

Happy Friday!


Saturday, November 30, 2013


On Thursday I enjoyed yet another lovely Thanksgiving. A mix of delicious food and loved ones is always a good thing.I didn't snap too many picture as I tend to put my camera down around the time the sunsets. But here are a few photos from before our dinner. This year I contributed Challah bread to our feast. I'm not quite sure why, but I haven't baked bread all year. It really is a shame since I learned how to make so many different kinds of bread in school. The Thanksgiving bread baking has really inspired me to make more delicious yeasted doughs. Hopefully this blog will see many more loafs. Challah BreadDSC_0055DSC_0058DSC_0063DSC_0070DSC_0077

Hope your Thanksgiving was as enjoyable as mine!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Mimi

For being the crazy dog lady that I am it's quite surprising how few photos of my Mimi make it to the blog. Yesterday I spent part of my day making a little anxiety shirt for her. She absolutely hates it. I think it can be a little constricting as she looked like she was having a hard time sitting and relaxing. I was hoping it would make her feel secure and combat against the anxiety she feels when she is left at home alone. She is such a needy dog and almost always demands to be on a lap when someone is home. I can't really blame her as I trained her to be that way. When she was a puppy I rarely put her down. She was just way too cute and cuddly. As I sit and type she is sleeping on my lap. So spoiled I tell you. Anyways here are some photos of my little fuzzyface. Hopefully I can get some shots of her wearing her anxiety shirt.Chihuahuamim

Monday, October 28, 2013

Raspberry Whipped Cream Cake

Not much to say. Just a couple of off focus photos of a cake I made for a tea my mom was hosting. I used Rose Levy's whipped cream cake recipe. It's a great recipe and I'll definitely be making it again. Hopefully next time I make it I can get some better photos. I'll even show you the pretty layers inside.whip cream cakeWhip Cream Cake


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

yarn love

malbrigogorgeous yarnsock knitting
Purchased this beautiful yarn this past weekend and am loving working with it. The color is stunning! I am finally making a pair of socks! I have wanted to for the longest time but have kept putting them off because they can be so time consuming. Iv'e realized I'm a knitter who likes pretty quick projects. So far the sock knitting is going okay. The needles are just so tiny! I'm not use to such dainty little things. When I get frustrated I feel as if I could just snap them in half. Even though this kind of knitting has been frustrating at times it also has been very enjoyable. I guess I just have mixed feelings. We will see how I feel when I complete both socks. Hopefully that will be sometime soon.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apple Pie

Finally did some baking and made a couple pies last week. I was having a hard time getting into the baking mood in the heat of summer. But, I really don't mind turning on the oven now since the temperature has dropped quite a bit. DSC_0019-001DSC_0021-001
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the pie after it came out of the oven. But it sure was nice and flaky. I think i'll be making lots more pies this season!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I wanted to share a few makes that I have posted via instagram. There is a great community of sewers, bakers, knitters using the app and its been quite fun and inspiring looking through there work by using hashtags. Instagram has become a great way for me to visually document all of my makes. I certainly don't have the time to blog about each piece but posting a iPhone photo and a few short words via the app isn't nearly as time consuming. I'm always pleasantly surprised with the quality of photos my phone takes. For those of you who enjoy these sort of things you can follow along here. My username is esthercarrera.
UntitledUntitledUntitledLittle girl blouse. Size 2t


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Silk Robe

silk robe
silk robeThis piece was made with beautiful silk I thrifted a little over a year ago. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted to make a pretty robe. I finally bought a pattern at Joanns during a McCalls sale. I used pattern M6659. I was not to happy with the pattern pieces as I had to make a few adjustments. It's really quite frustraing to cut into such a pretty fabric and then not have the pieces fit the garment properly. I ended up picking out alot of stitches and remeasuring the neck band to make it all work. But I will say that I am pretty happy with the end results. I have so much more to share but I must take photos first.
Happy Sunday

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello dear friends. It feels like I haven't blogged in ages. Iv'e been keeping pretty busy these days; sewing, knitting and painting my room. I'll have lots to share on the blog once everything is finished. But for now I will leave you with some photos from a recent family gathering. DSC_0021DSC_0045makeDSC_0039DSC_0050DSC_0082
I think my little cousins are pretty great! We had a lovely time in the front yard enjoying fruit and each other's company.


Friday, August 30, 2013


Iv'e got knitting on the brain. Lately I've been working on baby gifts for all my friends who are expecting. Looks like everyone is having boys. The gift making has been a bit of a challenge because I naturally gravitate towards making girly things. I'm sure that's pretty obvious by the content of this blog. I guess I'll just have to be a little more creative.
knit picks palette yarn
yarn balls
Yesterday I finished the sweet scalloped beanie. It's a simple and quick knit that doesn't require much thinking. I love the colors of the yarn and am happy with the results.scalloped beaniescalloped beanie
Happy Friday