Friday, June 29, 2012

change of plans

I will be heading to Xativa tomorrow instead of today. So instead of staying home I decided to take the metro into the city center after work. Probably wasn't the smartest idea since it took me quite some time to get there and I only stayed for about an hour and a half because it was getting late... Oh and it was really hot. There is a big fire about 70 KM away so the air is real bad and ashes are falling everywhere...

Today was just one of those days. The frustrating kind. Trying to focus on all things lovely right now.
Praying tomorrow is a better day and that this weekend leaves me renewed and refreshed so that I can happily start another work week.



Spending the weekend with my sweet Spanish sister. I love her so very much!
Lord willing I shall be back soon with lots of pictures and wonderful stories to share.

It's Friday and I couldn't be happier!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

couple of weeks ago

Just remembered I forgot to post these beautiful pictures from two weeks ago.DSC_0384DSC_0412DSC_0424DSC_0403DSC_0426DSC_0451
Hope I can go back soon!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today was okay. It wasn't a bad day but it wasn't the best either. I was pretty tired all day. My head was hurting. Im almost positive it is due to sinus issues. It's pretty windy here so that does't help.

I guess I would say the highlights of my day were an early morning breakfast in bed and fresh picked lavender. And I'm not saying this to be sarcastic. These simple things made an "okay" day a little sweeter.
Granola and Yogurt. Perfect way to start my day.
The sweet smelling lavender I picked up on 9 PM walk. I love that it doesn't get dark til about ten! It's great.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012


On Sunday I got to see sweet Lucia and some of the other church youth get baptized.DSC_0870
It was so sweet to see the little ones watching!
What a wonderful day it was.

Today was spent watching the baby. It was a pretty long and hot day and now I am exhausted. Good night world.


Monday, June 25, 2012

the push

I dipped my feet in.
the water was cold.
I thought nah.
and then bam.
Emera gave me a good push.
and in I went.
clothes and all.
But it wasn't so bad cool water and a hot sun is a actually awonderful combination.


sweet summer.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I had thee most lovely weekend. It could not have been more wonderful. On Friday after a long day of work I headed to Xativa. I arrived a little after 10 PM and we immediatley went out for beer and tapas.DSC_0543DSC_0547
delicious spanish beer and tasty tapas.DSC_0555
potatoes and meat. The Spanish sure love their meat!!DSC_0552
my sweet spanish sister. I adore her.DSC_0565
dear friends.DSC_0577
My heart is filled with joy.

I will have to post the rest of the pictures tomorrow. I took hundreds this weekend.

But now I will go to bed. I have to work in the morn.


Friday, June 22, 2012

Windy beach day

Today we went to the beach. This time it was so windy we only stayed for about 30 min. It was definitely not a good idea to stay with a baby. While I was trying to prepare her bottle sand was blowing everywhere. It was crazy. So we packed everything up and headed home. Hopefully next time will be more pleasant.

Well after I finish babysitting I will be off for the weekend. Im headed to Xativa to spend some time with sweet friends. For those of you who check the blog daily I'm not sure if I will be able to blog this weekend. If I am able to it will be from my iPhone.

Well Happy Friday friends!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

40 centigrades

Today was hot! 40 centigrades to be exact which equals about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. We have hot days like this in Los Angeles but its usually more of a dry heat. Here it is so humid. So when its hot you sweat. ALOT. Especially since not everyone has air conditioning. Im use to everyone always running there air in LA. I know I am spoiled. I live an extremely luxurious life in the 21st century. Yes I do realize that a hundred years back that air conditioning was non existence. So I am not complaining just making an observation. The heat can be so draining especially when you travel by foot everywhere. I am trying to take my walks as early as possible these days. Because if I don't it can be exhausting. The sun literally melted the make up I had put on in the morning. Yep it's hot.
The above photo was taken at about 9:30 PM with the sun still shining high in the sky. It gets dark so late here. It's one of my favorite thing about this city. I am so glad decided to go out for desserts to cool down.

Yep I know! Shame on me. 2 days of ice cream in a row. That's alright with all the sweating. I thing I earned it!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Alas I have spent the day with Americans. After not coming in contact with "my people" for a bit over a month! It was so nice to speak English so easily with fellow Americans.

So a couple days ago my dear cousin messaged me to let me know that her aunt and uncle would be in Valencia for a few days. She gave me there email and I quickly messaged them and suggested we meet up. We spent a few hours chatting about our lives and the way Spanish culture is so different from ours. It was so very nice.

Oh and and finally I have some photos of myself in Valencia. It only took a month. I will really cherish these pictures. Great photos to document this very interesting time in my life.
We did a bit of sight seeing. There are just too many beautiful things to see in this city. Every where you turn there is something lovely.
Then we had some delicious gelato! Those who know me well are aware of my ice cream/ gelato weakness. Gosh how is it that something so small can bring you so much happiness.

Well its time for dinner. (p.s. it's 10 PM) We eat so late! Got to love Spain.
I better go.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It rained on and off all day.
It was wonderful. The constant heat and humidity can get old so a nice cool day is definitely necessary. Untitled
I listened to Damien Rice all day. He is by far one of my favorite artists. His music is perfect for gloomy/rainy day weather. I just saw that he would be playing in England in a couple weeks. O how I would love to fly over and hear him sing live in one of my favorite countries. The things I would do to go to England again. If I were to venture to the UK I would of course have to go to London. I have never loved a city as much as I do London. It really has my heart.
Anyways back to the cold rainy day. I was so happy that I actually got to wear a jacket. I had brought a couple but until today they were only taking up room in my suitcase.

Well its nearly midnight. Im off to bed.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mercat Central

Being a person who deeply appreciates good food I absolutely love going to open air markets. I wish we had markets like this in Los Angeles. When I was in studying in London I use to love going to the borough market Now I have Valencia's central Market to keep my foodie self content.DSC_0468DSC_0470DSC_0472
Spainards are really big meat eaters!DSC_0475
Snails! Something I have not tried yet...DSC_0482
After I had walked around for a bit I stood at the bar and had some delicious hortacha and a farton. This is a traditional Valencian food/snack. The horchata is completely different from the Mexican kind I am familiar with. This type is made from a certain type of nut. The flavor is very unique and it is wonderfully refreshing. Something you must try if you come to Valencia.

Well I am now off to bed. Happy Monday.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


God's beautiful blessings never seize to amaze me.
He always knows just what I need and when I need it.

I could never live without him.

Today was lovely, absolutely lovely.

I'll post more about it tomorrow.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


that is all I have for you.
I am too tired to write.
must have walked 10 miles today.DSC_0288DSC_0295DSC_0300DSC_0302DSC_0305DSC_0320DSC_0327DSC_0322DSC_0329