Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was a crazy day
I went to
a tea party
a going away party
a graduation party.

It was super fun but extremely busy. I started my day by helping set up for the tea party. I made oatmeal cookies, scones, and devonshire cream.

Then I went to a going away party for my lovely friends, the Bartles, who are moving a few hours away. I'm going to miss them dearly. I love them all so much. I of course don't want them to leave but I am super excited for them. I will most definitely have to go and visit them...

After that I went to a graduation party for my friend Emily. I can't believe she is graduating. It feels like she just left to school. I'm so proud of her.

It was a great day but unfortunately I never studied. So that means no fun for me tomorrow. I need to buckle down and work on homework.

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