Friday, April 22, 2011


Okay right now I have the most boring blog ever. I have been quite busy with stuff that is not fun to blog about. Hence the lack of entries.

I have actually been spending a great deal of time sewing which has been lovely. I truly love making things whether it be for myself or the people I love. Recently I have been focusing on creating with business in mind. I think it would be ever so lovely to be able to make a decent amount of money from selling the things that I enjoy making. I have written a bit about my little business before but now I really want to make this happen. There is no reason I shouldn't now that I have the money I need to invest into supplies. I'm getting so excited about the whole thing. I am praying that I am successful and wise with the decisions I make concerning my little business.
I will have to post pictures of my items soon. I have really made quite a bit.


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lisa b. said...

yay! and you know you will be getting lots of business from my girls :)