Monday, October 24, 2011

well hello there

upside down
It's been forever.
It seems I have forgotten how to blog.
Things have been a bit hectic.
There is never a dull moment.
Long gone are the days of being bored.
I seem to always be busy.
There is always something to be done.

You know what.
I think I need to prioritize a bit better.
For one I waste far too much time on the computer.
I get distracted way too easily.
I mean way too easily.
It's a serious problem.
I just can't stay focused.
Darn the 21st century.
It has made a generation of over stimulated people.
eeeks. I wonder what consequences will be in the future.

o goodness. Im getting distracted again.
Well I better get back to those 100's of little things that need to get done.
2 papers.
an essay.
a room to be cleaned.
a dog in need of a bath.
clothes that need to be washed.
argh the list goes on.

hoping I can set aside some time to blog soon. cross fingers.

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