Monday, April 15, 2013

sweet little frock

This morning I made this pretty little thing. A sweet baby girl frock.
sweet little frock
I continue to try and make my own patterns. Which has been a little tough because I lack a model to use for measurements. So I just kind of guess and wing it. It will be perfect practice for when I want to make my own children's clothes. How easy it would be to just measure them and sew a dress or shirt to there measurements. But for now I continue to eye ball everything. I made this dress to fit someone around 2. Who knows if my proportions and estimations are right. Anywho I'm really happy with the dress. It's made with kona cotton and some really soft vintage fabric I thrifted last month.
Happy Monday friends!

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Bakehouseblog said...

So cute! My little would rock that!