Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Mimi

For being the crazy dog lady that I am it's quite surprising how few photos of my Mimi make it to the blog. Yesterday I spent part of my day making a little anxiety shirt for her. She absolutely hates it. I think it can be a little constricting as she looked like she was having a hard time sitting and relaxing. I was hoping it would make her feel secure and combat against the anxiety she feels when she is left at home alone. She is such a needy dog and almost always demands to be on a lap when someone is home. I can't really blame her as I trained her to be that way. When she was a puppy I rarely put her down. She was just way too cute and cuddly. As I sit and type she is sleeping on my lap. So spoiled I tell you. Anyways here are some photos of my little fuzzyface. Hopefully I can get some shots of her wearing her anxiety shirt.Chihuahuamim


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

She is adorable! and I think she is in-visioning a treat.

Anne Hill said...

oh my goodness she is too adorable!