Saturday, October 24, 2009

A bit much

Geez this fruit can make my mouth water. I just cut up a pomegranate and it looked so good that I had to take pictures of the seeds. Then I went a step further and uploaded them to my blog. A bit much right? But this fruit is that good. Haha. I am a tad obsessed. But I have noticed pomegranates have been popping up in lots of places. It has become quite popular. It's a good thing. I need some more pomegranate in my life.

hmmm... was it mean that I didn't let Coryn have any? I only ate about a fourth of the glass and am saving the rest for tomorrow. Now I feel kind of bad. If it were any other fruit I totally would have shared. But I seldom get to enjoy a pomegranate. I guess I will give her some tommorrow...



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