Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ten Days

It's terribly sad but it doesn't feel like Christmas. I just don't know why. O how I wish it did. As a child I remember how Christmas had such a strong effect on me. It made me feel a certain way. Just joyful and all together happy. I know this sounds so silly but it really did and now its different. Of course I still rejoice in the fact that we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas day. That indeed gets me excited but the overall feel of Christmas is not there this year.

It may have to do with the weather. It feels especially warm this season. I don't know if it feels that way because I got back from England not to long ago or just because it really has been warm. I think when I have children of my own the excitement they have for Christmas will bring back those feelings I had as a kid. That seems to happen when I am hanging out with little ones. The joy they have for the Christmas season seems to rub off on me.

Well since Christmas is nearly here I better start doing Christmasy things. David finally put the lights on our house today. They look really great. Next thing we need to do is watch "It's a Wonderful Life". One of my favorite films.

Well goodnight.
- Esther


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