Sunday, March 27, 2011

busy bee

Right now this is what life looks like.

On Monday I go to school and take a sanitation and safety class.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays I leave to school early in the morning for my culinary course. Then I try to do all my studying for my weekly test on Thursday.
On Thursday I wake up early again and go to class then I rush off to work.
On Friday I run little errands for the week and try to squeeze in sewing time which usually doesn't happen :( Then I head to work til about 8:30. (there is just not enough time in the day)
On Saturday I head down to the dream center and hang out with my lovely kiddos over there. Then I rush back to Covina to work til closing
On Sunday I watch the babies in the nursery and then go to service. After church I just try to relax before the whole thing repeats again the next morning.

Sadly this leaves me with barely anytime to blog.
So please forgive me for the lack of blog posts. I really enjoy blogging. I mean I right in my journal everynight but I also like to have and online account with videos and photos to document my day to day life.

I do have good news though. Starting April 4Th I will only be going to school 3 days a week! Which means I won't be driving to downtown five times a week and I'll have some free time to be creative. Only I want to do is cook and sew. If I just had some time.

Happy Sunday!

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