Sunday, March 13, 2011


Life is getting a little messy right now.
I just feel like there is sooooooo much to do and not enough time in the world to do it all.
And adding a new job to the mix doesn't make it any easier.
I have to admit that I am so grateful that I got the job but it can be a bit stressful at times.
I having a hard time dealing with some people at work who aren't so nice. It's just really not fun. But I have learned in my little life that when someone is mean/rude/unkind you just be as sweet as you can to them. Then they just don't know what to think. And let me tell you that ain't easy. But it is far better then firing back some nasty words.

So dear friends will you please pray for my work situation. I mean I really like my job but I don't know how long I can deal with this certain someone. Pray that I wont stress and will enjoy getting to meet and talk to everyone who comes into my little workplace.

Im also busy with school and trying to find ways to fund my Spain Mission Trip. I am absolutely thrilled. I pray the Lord uses me to lead hurt hearts to him. So wont you please pray that I can fund ALL the money for the trip. That would be lovely! I don't want to have to worry about not coming up with enough cash.

Boy am I glad I have no work tomorrow. After five days of working straight a little break will do me good. There is much to be done. I have an essay to write and errands to run.

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday.

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