Thursday, June 27, 2013


The days are going by so fast I can hardly believe it.
Time has never moved faster in my life.
How are we half way done with 2013.
It's just scary?
Lately I have had tons on my mind.
It can be quite overwhelming.
I'm still learning to give it all to God.
Not to worry about things that are out of my hands.
Reminding myself that the creator of the universe loves me and is in control.
Such peace it brings my heart.
It's amazing how he can calm my weary soul like nothing else in this world.
Praying and meditating on his word has such great power.

Well in other news

It is getting pretty hot in Southern California.
Lately i've been enjoying lots of iced coffee and tea.
Summer is such a wonderful season.
Long days and warm nights!!

I haven't done much creating this past month. Hence the lack of blog posts but I do plan on sewing soon so hopefully the blog will be a bit more lively. I'll try and be back soon with something a bit more exciting!


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