Friday, August 30, 2013


Iv'e got knitting on the brain. Lately I've been working on baby gifts for all my friends who are expecting. Looks like everyone is having boys. The gift making has been a bit of a challenge because I naturally gravitate towards making girly things. I'm sure that's pretty obvious by the content of this blog. I guess I'll just have to be a little more creative.
knit picks palette yarn
yarn balls
Yesterday I finished the sweet scalloped beanie. It's a simple and quick knit that doesn't require much thinking. I love the colors of the yarn and am happy with the results.scalloped beaniescalloped beanie
Happy Friday


Mademoiselle Marie said...

the tiny hat looks so cute! I love the yarns you picked!
I can't wait for temperatures around here to drop; I'm usually much more in a sewing mood than knitting mood in the summer.
I hope that changes soon because I have a ton of knitting projects on my list! :)

In The World Of Photography Moments Of Life * said...

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