Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I seem to always have a desire to travel and these days the desire is mighty strong. Sometimes I find myself getting restless in the everyday routine of my American life. I continue to remind myself that the ability to travel is a luxury.

I remember the first time I visited another country. I was seven years old and the trip greatly impacted me. It was there that I realized that not everyone lived, spoke, ate, and thought like me. From then on my desire to visit places foreign to me grew. I wanted to meet people, try different cuisines, and learn about other cultures. Luckily I have been able to do a bit of that here and there. Such a blessing each of those experiences have been for me. Whenever the wanderlust comes I can't help but look through pictures and recall the beautiful memories I have made abroad. Oh how these photos make me happy!
Now i'm off to dream about someplace lovely.

Oh and I have forgot to mention that tomorrow the family and I will be heading out on a little vacation. We aren't going out of the country or out of state for that matter but I don't care i'm absolutely thrilled. I plan on documenting our vacation so be sure to check back if your interested. xoxo


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