Monday, January 6, 2014

life lately

Life lately has consisted of me sitting on the couch or laying in bed. Unfortunately I have started of the new year with an awful stomach bug. Such a shame as I was hoping this year would be filled will less sickness. I just can't catch a break. On Christmas Eve. I was feeling feverish and by Christmas day my cold was in full swing. I didn't really start feeling better til New Years day and then this stomach bug hit and literally knocked me off my feet. Perhaps it was so hard on me since my body had used so much energy to fight off the previous cold.

Anywho I am looking forward to feeling a 100% again. Enough of this unhealthy stuff.

When the stomach pain became bearable I immediately started knitting. I finished the most darling romper. I even snapped a few photos of it but unfortunately I only had my 50mm lens on my camera and wasn't able to get the whole outfit in the frame while I was taking the photos. I should have switched lenses, or put the romper somewhere else to get it all in the frame but when your not feeling well everything seems so complicated. haha. So it is what it is. I want to make a bonnet to go with it as well and if I do I will certainly snap some better photos of the whole outfit. But for now these will do.

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