Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The weather in Southern California has been quite warm lately. The days are made up of beautiful blue skies and lots of sunshine. As much as I enjoy the warm weather I would be lying if I said I don't miss cooler days. I'm longing for some gray skies and rain. I love cool weather and I feel like we never see enough of it. As a knitter I have a strong appreciation for wintry days. The kind that make you want to pick up a ball of wool and sit under a blanket and knit. It feels like summer far too much. I feel bad for complaining about it when the majority of my country is freezing while terrible storms pass through. But too much of the same thing (i.e. sunny days) isn't good. After a while it gets old and I enjoy a bit of change. On the plus side I was able to sit outside and enjoy the succulents yesterday. There is, indeed, still so much good in our never-ending California sunshine.

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