Wednesday, June 1, 2011


June!'s June?
the sixth month of the year.
2011 just started!
Good heavens I have been so busy lately...
Time seems to pass by without me noticing.
Oh how I wish it would slow down.
If I could only have one week to do absolutely nothing.
No school, no work, no fundraising, and no church responsibilities.
Don't get me wrong I love all these things dearly (except for working...)
It's just that when they are all happening at the same time things tend to get a little messy.
And Im a little tired of the mess.

Lord please help me to "straighten" things out.

Well Im almost out of school!! Which means more steady blogging. Yay!
Cause I have been the most terrible blogger the last few months.

ahhh I just realized what time it is. I really should go to bed so I can wake up in less then 7 hours to go to school. eeeks.

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