Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New York

We arrived in New York late last night after a busy day of traveling. My aunt and cousins met us at the airport. It was so good to see them. I hadn't seen Misael and Xotchil for over a year.

Today we walked all around Albany and I took tons of pictures but sadly they got deleted. I was so mad. My camera did this exact same thing in London and I was practically in tears. It's terribly sad to know that all the pictures you have taken have mysteriously disappeared. It did save a couple though. Here is a picture of the pizza Coryn and I shared. It was delicious and the slices were quite huge.

Below is me in the Albany capitol building. It had the most beautiful stairway.
Well those are the only photos I have... Hopefully the camera will be reliable for the rest of the trip. I better not act up in Boston cause I don't want to carry that heavy thing around if it's not going to work.

Okay it's about time for dinner. I think we are going to go to a burger joint.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture of Coryn! WOW! It's so artistic and Coryn looks like a model as always! :)
That pizza looks gooood!
And I am so sorry about your camera. That would really make me cry. :(

Anonymous said...

That picture of Coryn is AWESOME! WOW!!! It's so artistic! I love the eye you girls have for art! :) Seriously...your pictures could be straight out of a magazine. The backgrounds and the models are always beautiful! :)
That pizza looks amazing too! :)
And I am so sorry about your camera! That would seriously make me cry. :(
Hugs to Misael and Xotchil!!