Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saratoga Photos

This first one is hilarious. We were at the Saratoga visiting center and David decided to get rather chummy with the mannequin.

Below are some more serious shots of the brother and sister. I just love all the green.

I just had to take a picture with the union jack.

Oh British love. By the way I know that Saratoga isn't exactly a place the British would think of fondly. I love the UK dearly but I am so glad that the Americans were victorious in the battles against England.
Heading to Boston in the morning. So excited.


Anonymous said...

This post is awesome!!! I LOVE the picture of the guys in their 1700 garb! Priceless!
I am so glad you are having a wonderful trip with your family. :) Looks like you guys are having a blast! :)

And...I totally think that solo pic of David is an a future album cover! :) :) :)

Jackie said...

I love reading all yours and coryns blogs and seeing all the pictures!
I miss you guys!