Thursday, January 5, 2012


As of late their has been quite a bit on my mind.
I've been thinking about the future and how I don't know what it holds for me.
But you know what.

That's okay.

I believe in a God who loves me and want's the best for me.
Im still trying to learn to give him COMPLETE control of my life.
It's not always easy.
So often I want to be in control of everything.
I worry and cause myself a great deal of stress.

There are things in life I want so badly (many travels and a family of my own)
These things can consume my thoughts.
Oh the constant wondering.
Will the Lord provide these for me.

Honestly as MUCH as I want those things I know I can be content without them for the time being.
My God is in control.
such peace it brings my heart.

Im learning I must enjoy my single hood and time in California.
Every day is truly a gift.

I am blessed.
I thank my sweet savior for that.


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