Friday, January 27, 2012

not again

so the thought of starting school again has me a bit on edge.
I don't want to go back.
there I said it.
It's not that I don't like it.

well maybe it is.
you see.
I love to learn.
I really do.

it's just the classes.
oh the classes.
the are not my cup of tea.
some of the students make me crazy.
and I'm not to fond of the assignments we have to do.

but if I'm being honest I find these classes far more enjoyable then when I was at university.
School is part of life.
at least it is here in America.
I see it's benefit and will continue to strive to do my best.
I don't need to love it
but you know what
I shouldn't complain about it.

My education is a gift
it truly is
I really should treat it as one.

Praying that my mind doesn't think so negatively about school.
I'm trying to be more positive.
Who knows maybe one day I'll want to be in school again.


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