Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farm Anatomy

Farm Anatomy
This sweet book has to be my new favorite. I am in love with all the illustrations. It is loaded with wonderful information about farming and just farm life in general. I am just loving browsing through the colorful pages.
Farm Anatomy
Pages dedicated to different fruits and all its different varities.
Farm Anatomy
Gosh I love that pistacio mixer. I don't think that kitchen aid made that color when I got mine. My parents bought me the white one for Christmas when I was fifteen. That was one of the best gifts. I love my mixer. It makes multi tasking in the kitchen way easier.
Farm Anatomy
I love looking at all the chickens... If only I could have a few. Praying that one day I could have a little farm like home. A big garden, chickens, some fruit trees, and maybe a few goats (perfect for the milk and cheese making).

Gah I'm such a dreamer from wanting to live in England for a few years to having a little farm in the US.
Praying I can do it all.

Well Happy Saturday Sweet Friends!
It's Spring Break for me.
I am so excited. I have quite a few projects to do this week.
Hoping to do some baking, painting, crocheting, sewing, knitting, and going on some real long drives. I'm craving a road trip.


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