Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday shoot.

So it happened like this.
I had it ALL planned out, my cousin, Jessi, would spend the night at my place and we would wake up early Saturday morn so that I could take some nice pictures of her in Santa Monica.
We woke up around six yesterday morning and I put some make up on Jess and gathered all that was needed for our little photoshoot.
I made sure I had 2 sd cards in case something was to happen to one of them and double checked to make sure we had absolutely everything else we needed.
We were in the car and on our way by seven thirty.
Perfect. Right on schedule. I thought...
The lighting would be great. It was very important that we leave early because I really only know how to take photos in good light. I knew that if we got there around noon the pictures would come out terrible. The sun cast terribly unattractive shadows when it is directly above your subject.
This had to be avoided.
We got there a little before eight thirty and I wanted to take some photos of Jess at the wonderful farmers market they have.
I pulled my camera out.
It felt a tad lighter.
I looked down and noticed that the battery door was open.
and there was no battery.
did it fall out.
Is it in the bottom of my bag?
or did I completely forget it......
I forgot it.
Oh how I felt bad. I had just made my cousin wake up before the sun had even come up and my aunt and uncle had given me money for gas.
I was so bummed. I felt like I needed to tell someone so I sent a text to my family letting them know what I had done.
I told my cousins (Jessi's sister Jackie came too) we should just make a day out of this and shop and enjoy the beach since we had drove all the way out to Santa Monica.
They both agreed and we started to shop.
At around eleven I got a call from my dad.
He asked me where I was and informed me he was there.
I couldn't believe he drove all the way there to drop off a little battery. He is thee sweetest.
So we were back on photo shoot mode.
We got in the car and spent quite a long time looking for a place to park.
By the time we were on the beach it was noon.
The sun was bright and harsh.
I thought to myself how in world am I going to get a good picture in this lighting.
We found a piece of shade behind the lifeguard station and I began snapping away.
That's when I realized something was wrong with my lens.
Really!!! really! Oh come on!!!
It wouldn't focus and seemed a bit fuzzy.
But I tried to make it work. I could use that manual focus. It just takes a lot longer.
So below are the photos I took that day. It really stretched me as someone who would like to pursue photography. The circumstances were going to to be hard to work with. But by far the biggest challenge was attempting to take photos in lighting that was so uncomfortable for me.
Unfortunately because of this I had to heavily edit many of the photos.
So Jessi, my dear, I promise I will take some more photos of you very soon to make up for this crazy day.

Lesson learned make sure all your equipment works before you go out to take pictures.


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Mademoiselle Marie said...

I once forgot my camera's battery on a two-day vacation... I was lucky enough to find a store that sold the exact battery I needed. You're not the first to forget to bring the battery ;)
Btw, I think the pictures look great - the 4th is my favorite! :)