Wednesday, March 7, 2012

under the tree

Monday afternoon was lovely I sat in the front yard under my favorite orange trees with my sweet neighbor/friend. The weather was perfection. Warm and a bit windy. My kind of day.
We laid out on a pretty quilt and had oranges and drank orange, strawberry, and mint flavored water. It was wonderfully refreshing. I'm really trying to take advantage of our orange tree since citrus is in season right now. So as you can see I'm using them quite a bit. So far I've used them in cakes, orange juice (obviously), water, to flavor syrups and I've even candied the peel. Oh and of course I enjoying eating them on their own.
As we sat in the front yard we saw a friend from church pass by. He had just gotten out of school and was walking home. I hollered at him and asked him if he wanted some oranges. He and his friend came right over.
We all talked for a good long while and then I sent them on their way. Of course I had to send them each home with a bag of oranges. I feel like Im saying the word "oranges" way too much...
Anyways as we sat and relaxed I played with some film which really interests me. I like that when I'm shooting with film I really think about the picture I'm taking. Those shots mean so much more to me then the ones I mindlessly take with my digital camera.
It was a wonderful way to end my monday.


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