Saturday, January 19, 2013

Farmer's Market Fun

I took the littles to the farmers market.DSC_0646
They sure are precious to me. I adore each of them and am so thankful that the Lord has put them in my life.DSC_0657
We walked around the market and had a wonderful time sampling all the delicious food. The girls especialy loved looking at all the vendors who sold jewelry.DSC_0652
And baby boy was as happy as can be people watching in his stroller.DSC_0655DSC_0659DSC_0665
After walking for a while the kiddos grew tired and hungry so we ate some fruit and then hit the road.DSC_0674
It was a lovely trip to the farmers market.

Oh and this coming week I plan to do a bit of baking and crafting. I'll be sure to post photos of whatever I make!


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Liz Lewis said...

Oh they are all so cute! And I can't wait for your baked goods and crafts!