Thursday, January 31, 2013

quilting weekend

DSC_0637Since returning from my weekend away I have been quite busy sewing and sorting through unfinished projects that desperately need my attention. Do you start new projects before you've finished your last? Oh goodness I do it way too much. There is so much I want to make and not nearly enough time.
On Thursday I packed my bags full of sewing supplies and headed to the desert with wonderful friends to quilt for 3 days. We sewed morning til night taking breaks only to eat. And let me tell you the food was delightful. Smoked meat, soups, and yummy salads. I was only able to work on one project the entire trip, a Lone Star quilt. It's a lot more time consuming then I thought it would be. I just finished the top of the quilt last night. Now I need to run to the fabric store to buy backing and batting. Here is a sneak peak of the process of the quilt making. I'll post more pictures of it after I finish quilting and binding it.DSC_0652DSC_0659


Mademoiselle Marie said...

The quilt top looks lovely! I love the bright colors! How do you wanna quilt it?

ps: are you the only quilter in your family?

Laurel said...

That's going to be an amazing quilt!