Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Bows

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So I finally had a little time to get in the creative mood. I made a few different baby bows and started sewing again. I just love to sew. I think its because I just love the fabric. O dear I am using the word love too much again. I always do. I always say that the English language didn't give us enough words for all the different types of love.

But anyways fabric is just so fun. I just love touching it and seeing all the pretty colors and prints. Well I will post pictures of my finished sewing products soon. O and I am working on carry all bag to sell for Lovely Lemondrops. Hopefully I will finish it soon and post pictures on my facebook fanpage.


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Anonymous said...

I think LOVE is one of my favorite words ever. You are so right...there aren't enough words to express all the different loves!!! :) :) :)

Speaking of love...I love that you love fun fabric as much as I do!!!! Except, I am not talented like you and can do nothing with the fabric!!! But I love all the different patterns and textures and colors. :) The creativity in it all seems endless. I only wish I knew how to sew! :) BE thankful friend...that you are skilled in that area!!! :) :) :)

I can't wait to see the carry-all bag!!! You know how much I love bags and purses, right?!!!! :)

Hugs to you!!!!