Monday, July 20, 2009

Day One in Laughlin

I had a wonderful time in Laughlin with my cousins. This is how my day went.
The day began with beautiful blue skies.


As soon as we got there we got ready for the jet skis.


Although the sky was beautful and blue it was extremely hot. I think they said it was around 115. Just way too hot. So I was always in the water trying to stay nice and cool. Then not even twenty minutes after the picture above was taken a extremly windy sand storm approached.

href="" title="DSC_7510 by esthercarrera, on Flickr">DSC_7510

It was surreal causing havoc around the lake. Parents trying to get there kids out of the water. The wild weather sent us packing all our belongings up.

Then we went back to the hotel. I got to ride with this cool cat.

After we went to In-N-Out. Then we went to the hotel and I quickly went to bed. I was exhausted. The heat was so draining. Storm set a side such a wonderful day.


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