Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jessica and I

Today was the second half of orientation. It was long hot day. I am glad it is over and done with. I start school on September 24 which is nice because I will get a nice long summer.

After orientation I went to my cousins house. We relaxed and ate Popsicles. Here are some silly pictures we took.

In the pictures below we put the Popsicle on our lips like we did when we were little kids. haha. I miss those days.
I remember always pretending it was red lipstick but it barely even made our lips red.
O well we had lots of fun.




Anonymous said...

shut up!!! you don't have to go to school until september 24th?????


I'm super jealous right now. You get an extra long summer!!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Jess said...

haha.dont we look soo cute(: hehe
oooh and told you i'd leave a comment :P
luv youu