Thursday, May 13, 2010


I need to learn Spanish. Well at least I desperately want to. I could think of about a hundred reasons why I should learn the language.
1. It would be so useful when I am in Jordan Downs trying to communicate with only Spanish speaking men and women.
2. I love Spanish music. (major Selena fan)haha
3. I'm of Mexican decent and it would be amazing to learn the language of my ancestors (ha sounds so lame but it's true)
4. For when I go to Mexico or travel to other Spanish speaking countries. (because I really do plan on traveling the world :)Who knows where I will go after London. So far I've only been to Samoa and Mexico can't wait to add more countries to the list.
5. It's really good for job resume's
6. I think it sounds more beautiful then English.
The list goes on and on but my number one reason for wanting to learn is so that I could communicate better with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world. My Papi and Abuelita. I love them so much and really wish I could easily speak to them.

It would be wonderful to ask my Abuelita random questions and it would be way easier to communicate when she teaches me how to cook some of her amazing dishes.

Funny story... So I was determined to learn Spanish when I was in third or fourth grade. I begged my dad to buy the "Talk Now Spanish" cd from Costco. Finally he bought it. Unfortunately a lot of the things I learned were phrases like.
¿Donde está el aeropuerto? (where is the airport)
I also learned stuff like "Do you know what time the meeting begins?"

Well I am exhausted. Salsa class was pretty tiring tonight.

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