Sunday, March 3, 2013


The plan was to write everyday for the month of March.
Unfortunately its seems I have failed before I even began.
I use to be so good about regularly updating my blog and I have every intention of doing it again.
I hope to post more projects, more photos of my daily life, and more of my baking with recipes included (as requested by my friend Marie)
I really enjoy blogging. It has been such a great way to keep my photos and memories easily accesible to me and those who partook in them.
Im excited about the idea of me blogging every day this month but let's just hope I set some time a side to actually do it.

Today I will leave you with some photos of my Mother's birthday celebration. We celebrated at a tea house with my sister, grandma, aunt, and mother's friends.DSC_0072DSC_0071DSC_0075DSC_0038DSC_0048-001DSC_0032DSC_0053DSC_0008
Happy Birthday to the woman I truly adore. I love you Mama.

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Mademoiselle Marie said...

That's the most adorable tea house I've ever seen! I love how each tea pot has a different tea cozy (the leopard print one is so rad. I want one!) and the food looks yummy. Happy birthday to your mom!