Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring is near

Spring has arrived a little early here in Southern California. It always seems to, which is fine by me. I will say I do miss the cooler weather as I really don't think we get enough of it. I love the coziness of chilly days and will miss doing wintery things like sitting under blankets and knitting. This past week it has been pretty toasty. The temperature even went into the nineties a couple of times. Honestly its as if are skipping Spring all together and going straight into summer. Now that I don't like. I mean I love all the seasons but they do need to wait their turn.

Some of my favorite flowers have blossomed (Jasmine). They smell so fantastic. Their scent is so strong I can smell them as soon as I step outside. It's lovely. Today I collected some for my room. My sister puts them in her car. Genius. I'll have to do that too.DSC_0040DSC_0043DSC_0078


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Callie Lynch said...

Beautiful head piece! I love the smell of jasmine, especially in lotions. Recently came across your blog. I like your juicing post. I've been wanting to try and that recipe looks like a good start :) excited to follow along in your journey!