Saturday, May 2, 2009

Testing Time...

I don't know why I get so nervous for tests but it is such a pain. So today I went to Cal Poly Pomona to take my placement test to find out if I will have to take remedial math and English courses. I have been dreading these tests all week.

I wake up at six thirty to get to the school by seven twenty. I then have to stand in a extremely long line and wait half an hour. The entire time I am telling myself that I have to good on these test so I can get out of some classes next year. Then I start getting extremely anxious so I start to think that I shouldn't stress and that if I do have to take those courses it is totally not a big deal. The line seems never ending. I hear one of the Cal Poly staff say the having to check in eleven hundred students. Crazy.

So then I finally get admitted into the test room. We are all seated in this small classroom filled with too many desks. The first thing we do is write an essay. Can I just say I nearly freaked out. I just could not think. Well I could think but not about the topic I was suppose to write about. When it comes to test the more I try to focus the more I end up thinking about random stuff like how I want to see a certain movie, or what I want to sew, or how my sister was doing on her SAT (she took the SAT at Charter Oak High today)I seriously thought about everything but the test. After about fifteen minutes of being in the classroom I began to freak out. I know I am so dramatic but I just felt like the room was so tiny and that I could not breath. Can you believe it I had to tell myself to take deep breaths. All over a silly little test. I just hate that these test can effect so much. Like what college you are going to or just your future in general. But I understand that it is really the only way to measure a students academic level. Ugh I just sike myself out so much before these test. I know the stress and stuff is all in my head but I don't know how to rid myself from that. I need some test taking strategies to prevent another one of these pathetic panics. I pray the Lord puts me in the classes that I need to be in. I am really excited that I got accepted to the college I want to go to and for theopportunity I was blessed with to pursue something I love.

O and the funny thing is that when Coryn came home I started telling her how horrible my testing was and in a cheerful and pleased voice she says,"Really, I think I did great today!"

O life...


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Joyous said...

hahahah! I see myself so much in you sometimes. :) I think we are kindred spirits. :)
I am SURE you did great!!! :) :)