Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I am so tired of school already. I know I have barely started a little over a month ago but it seems like way longer. I didn't even actually have school today but it felt like it. I did homework nonstop from seven in the morning til five. That is just too much for me. And it just doesn't end this weekend I have six math lessons, another essay and a project. Grrr... Ever one keeps telling me. "Well that's how school is..." Maybe school is not for me. How many times have those thoughts ran through my head. Way too many. But I am really trying hard to stick it out.

On a happier note after I finished all my work I sewed a bit. I just love love love sewing. All the pretty fabrics and just being able to make something from it makes me happy!

I made this little pencil case today. I just loved the fabrics and all the colors. I used this vintage zipper I had thrifted it was a bit tricky at first but then it came together.
That reminds me I need to make my weekly thrift store shop visit. I love finding all sorts of treasures there. Goodness I need to do a lot of things. Especially clean my room. It is so messy. I would be quite embarassed if anyone were to see it. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow.
O and ugh today my parents went to downtown LA to look for fabric when I was doing my homework. I was so jealous. I wanted to go. Okay enough of this complaining. I am praying that tomorrow will be a good productive day.

My thoughts are everwhere in this blog. It is even confusing for me to follow haha.


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