Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Party

Yesterday was a busy day. It started with going to the dreamcenter/Jordan Downs with Gaby and Cassie. After that we went to get yummy pizza on Larchmont street.

Gaby and Cassie

Then I had to get Pinkberry since it was right next to us. That place is so good. O and they had their Christmas cups. I am just so excited for the upcoming holidays!!

After that I went to my sweet Auntie Rosie's party to celebrate her birthday. I took some pictures of the boys playing and it made me think of the adorable pictures Coryn took of them two years ago. They look so much younger. I just love my boys.

Evan and D.J.

I just love them. They are just precious here.

I took a quick fall picture with D.J. I love all the pretty leaves.

My Aunt had her Christmas tree out so my cousins and I had so much fun taking pictures in front of it

Lorisa and Jessica

My dad even joined in for one <3

We had to drag in Becca to take pictures with us because she was being lame ;)haha

I don't know who took this but I got so excited when I saw it because my hair looks like it is really growing and getting long. Yay!! Finally... I have been waiting.

Jumping is amazing.

Then my Uncle Hector made me dance with him to a song I never heard nor understood. haha.

O and here is a picture of cute little Davey. Love this boy and his half toothless grin!
Yesterday was great. Busy but extremely fun. Had a great time in LA and and wonderful time at the party. Now I am off to sleep.

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