Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sweet Saturdays

Today I went to the dream center with Gaby and Nico. We had alot of fun. We went to Jordan Downs and got to meet some really awesome families there. I can't wait to go back next week to talk to them some more. After that we went to eat chicken. Yum yum. Gaby and I like to go to this place off of the 101 on Alvarado St. They have Delicious chicken beans and rice. Then we went to Echo Park to eat the deliciousness.

Here I am eating the chicken. haha

Yum! So good.

It is such a beautiful park. After that we went to see my lovely grandparents. We had a good time talking to them and then they treated us all for ice cream. It was so good. The ice cream was from parlor that opened in 1919. Crazy Right?

Here is a picture of us at their house. Aren't they cute.

It was so good. I had blueberry ice cream. I want more...


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Joyous said... and I are such kindred spirits! :) :) I love reading your blog!!! And your excitement for the inner city! I spent most of my college years at Echo Park and Angelus Temple. :)
Just dont go to that park after dark, k? :) :) :)
Love ya sweetie! :)