Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stay with me

Memories...Please never leave me.
It is amazes me how quickly today becomes the past.
How the present slowly fades into distance memories that are often so hard to recall.
I thank the Lord that I have lovely memories full of joy and happiness.
I am so glad I wrote in a journal every single day for years.
Although my journals can be quite embarrassing they are so interesting and hilarious.
But they help me remind of things my mind has so easily forgotten. Things like how I loved taking gymnastics or how I would help watch the kids at the preschool when I was in fifth grade.
O and thank the Lord I have a camera to document all my little daily adventures. I have way too many pictures. But you know what you really can't have too many pictures.

Here is a picture of the family in Oregon minus David.
I remember the way there I read this silly book out loud to Coryn. It was called Prom Season. ha. When I was about half way through my parents stared asking questions about what was happening in it. haha. They wanted to know who the girl would choose to be her date for prom. The drive was about 14 hours or so. So I got through the entire novel. O that is a funny little memory. I remember the beautiful drive up to Oregon and listening to Damien Rice, The Cranberries, and The Beatles well driving through the giant Redwoods. It was so beautiful.O memories stay with me.


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