Wednesday, January 5, 2011


It's day two of cleaning and I am already exhausted. I have so much stuff. The good Lord has blessed me with so many belongings it is unbelievable. I sat and looked at my stuff as it was sprawled all over my room. Then I rearranged it deciding what to keep and throw away. I thought to myself.
why me...
I mean really, why me?
why not the poor people in Mexico, Uganda, India, here in the US.
the list goes on and on
I realize I will never understand why I have so much and others have so little.
It pains me to think about all the hungry bellies, sick bodies and hurt hearts as I live in such a wonderful home with the most loving parents.
Sometimes I wake up in the night and think of those hurting and my heart nearly breaks.
All I can do is pray.
there is so much power in it.

whoa, glad I got that out. My mind just keeps going.
Anyways back to cleaning. As I got to reorganizing I thought about how I might want to make some changes to my room. Maybe a little redecorating. I found a little inspiration on weheartit. I know I have posted the picture of the loft before but I just think it is so cute! That would be such an amazing place to live! Oh and the other picture is just as adorable. I love the computer desk and the pretty blue wallpaper and doors.

Well Happy Wednesday,

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