Thursday, July 21, 2011


more time with the children
Below Alex and I are telling them the story of Jonah.
more time with the elderly
This is Iris. I have spent hours with her this week. She is as sweet as they come.
I just adore her. I realy cherish talking to her, feeding here, singing with her, and reading to her. She doesn't remember much so she gets very frustrated with herself and it breaks me heart. Simple questions like "what is your daughter's name?" can be so difficult fo her to answer. Which leaves her angry and feeling "stupid". She is one of the few people in the home who speaks English. It's also hard for her to communicate with the staff at the nursing home because she gets very frustrated due to the language barrier. So please pray that she has peace in the home. Oh I just adore her.
The guys continued working on a fence for the nursing home.
We ended the day with a dinner at the home. More delicious ice cream. My favorite. We also went to a twenties themed birthday party last night. It was so fun. I'll post pictures of that later.


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Anonymous said...

Iris looks so happy with you! I know you are a blessing to her. <3
That ice cream looks amazing!!! Eat one for me!!!! :)