Saturday, July 16, 2011

We have arrived

After an extremely long day of traveling(3 flights). We have arrived in the beautiful country of Spain. I am already starting to fall in love with this place. The people are lovely and really affectionate (anyone that knows me knows that I am someone who loves affection) So this country suits me well. We have toured the church that we will be working out and have already enjoyed to delicious meals with the people of the church. Enjoy the photos!
^the team
^make your own ice cream sandwhich
^Coryn and her new friends.
^our second meal. The meat was so good!
^peanuts and olives were served before both meals.
^Gaby, Alyse, and I
^Thank you Lord for new friendships.

Sorry most of the photos were of food... But we spent a lot of time around the table enjoying a meal and getting to know each other. Tomorrow im sure we will be doing lots more. Thanks again for all your prayers.


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Anonymous said...

glad you made it. Have a great time