Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ups and Downs

Today started out lovely until my camera broke... It was terribly sad. I accidentally dropped it on the brick floor and it stopped working. I was so mad. Not only would I not be able to take anymore pictures on this trip but I wouldn't have a good camera to take to Spain. Well when I got back to the hotel I immediately started looking for a SLR camera online. I had actually been saving for a new camera for a little over six months. My current camera had been giving me quite a few problems. I didn't think I had enough money for the camera I wanted but Sam's Club had a $100 discount on a Nikon D3100. So my dad and I drove on over to New Hampshire (no sales tax) to pick up the camera. I absolutely love it. It's 10 times better then my old D70. This whole thing turned into a unexpected blessing. Now I have a wonderful camera that records HD video and is so much easier to use. I can't wait to take pictures with it tomorrow.

Well below are a few pictures I took before I broke the D70.


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Anonymous said...

You are the cutest! So glad that bummer day turned into something fabulous! LOVE looking at your photos. I love your "eye" for things....buildings...architecture...etc. Such style! :)