Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer So Soon

It really felt like a summer today. I got really excited. I just loved the weather this morning. It was perfect. The summertime is my absolute favorite. But then as the day went on I thought to myself are we just can skip spring? I hope not. Spring is wonderful too.

Anyways back to summer. O just the thought of it. Summer means
-eating tons of watermelon
-going to the beach
-laying under my orange trees watching the sunset
-not worrying about what day/time it is
-going swimming in my wonderful neighbors pool
-more time for baking/cooking
-waking up to sun shiny days!!(one of my favorite things)
-getting things done.(because there is no excuse to procrastinate)
-spending time with my mama (I love that she is a teacher)
- jet skis and boating
-going to museums
-sewing sewing sewing :]
-more reading time!!
-going to the movies (I just love it because when you walk into the theatre it is nice and cool)
-so much to do.

Those are just a few. Geez I am so excited now. But also sad at the same time. The beginning of summer means the end of high school. And boy did I have a great time. I am most definitely going to miss it. I just have mixed feelings. Don't get me wrong thought I am thrilled about going to college. I am excited that I will get to meet lots of new people but not so excited about the work aspect of it. Haha. I am not really the studious type. I can't wait to take culinary classes though. I am juat not too happy about taking those general ed classes. But that is life and you do what needs to be done. Anyways for right now I will just focus and enjoy my senior year.


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