Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baking Disaster.

Goodness gracious. Today I thought I would bake an easy cake. I had some boxes of cake mix and was a little bored so I decided to use them. Everything seemed to be going perfect. I used my nine inch round silicone bake ware. Supposedly no Crisco/oil is required to spray/put in it before pouring in the batter. Not true... It didn't work what so ever. The cakes came out in pieces. It was super frustrating because before the cakes came out of the oven I had made a ton of yummy butter cream frosting to frost the cake with. Grrr... So now I have a bunch of ugly pieces of a yummy cake. I was planning on having some fun by decorating the cake. I love doing that. Well I learned my lesson always use Crisco or oil on my baking pans.

Yucky! This is how it looked.

I love making swirls in the frosting. Perfect texture. Now I need to think of what to do with it.

O and then Mimi started eating the frosting from the dishwasher. Gross!!

But she has been doing this since she was tiny notice how much smaller her legs are in this picture taken about six months ago.

Maybe I should stick to more cupcakes. haha

On a more positive note. I had fun sewing today. O and yesterday I really enjoyed watching my friends babies. I took her to the doctor and to school and watched her adorable six week old and one year old. I adore babysitting newborns. I just love them. That is my favorite baby age. So precious. It makes me want to be a mama. I tell my mom that and she gets so mad. haha. "I am like I am not going to go and try to have one, I do have morals mother." She is too funny. She just looks at me and sighs. hehe.

Well it's still early but I am tired. Night!

College starts Thursday.

<3 Esther

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