Sunday, September 20, 2009


So right now money is tight for me. I am not working five days a week like I did this summer. I only work for less then two hours on Fridays as a Sonrise Daycare counselor eek. This is because I couldn't commit to working more days during the year. As of right now I have lots of time. I only have school on Tuesday and Thursday. But who knows next quarter I could be going to school everyday of the week which means I wouldn't be able to do daycare.

With gas going up it is extremely hard to survive on not even forty dollar pay checks every 2 weeks. I mean I spend about ninety dollars on gas a month. Thank God I have people who ask me to babysit. Right now I need all the babysitting jobs I can get. If you know anyone who needs a sitter let me know :]. My dream job as a college student is to be a nanny. I would absolutely love to do it.

So yesterday I was thinking about how I don't really have money in my budget to give my World Vision kid, Emerita, in El Salvador. I got here before she was even one and she will be four next month. I mean it is only thirty dollars. But right now that is a lot to me. I still have to buy my dog food (my mom is saying she will help me out) and gas. That means no more money for clothes and eating out (frozen yogurt/ ice cream my weekness) or other fun stuff.

Any way I have always been a firm believer in tithing my money. Whenever I give to the Lord he gives me so much more back. So I decided that even though I barely have the money I am going to send it. I wrote check out yesterday and today I get a call from the best friend asking me if I want to go to her sweet cousin-in-laws gold party. It's where you can bring in your old gold jewelry or scraps and they will cut you a check for what it was worth. Well I went with a couple of very small broken bracelets and some little girls earings that weren't very cute. These things just sat I'm my moms closet for years. No one was going to ever where them again. I thought that some of them might not even be gold and expected to get around twenty five dollars. But my God is good and it was worth seventy dollars which in turn gives me back the money for Emerita and then some to cover my other needs. Woohoo.

Like I said before now I need to find more baby sitting jobs. O and I was thinking of making more Lovely Lemondrops items with all the time I have. I have been in the creative mood these past few days. Yay.




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